ICNIRS Conference 2017 – June 2017

Ondalys and Arkema at the International Conference of Near Infrared Spectroscopy ICNIRS 2017 

Ondalys will present its latest work with Arkema, a specialty chemicals global major. These developments were focused on process control based on Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, transferring models from laboratory to at-line and on-line applications

* Orthogonalisation Method For Robustness Improvement Of Online NIR Applications

This paper aims at improving NIR calibration model robustness by applying an orthogonalization method – Dynamic Orthogonal Projection, DOP -. This approach offers a reliable transfer of NIR models from lab to production line. It enables the online process monitoring based on NIR sensors.

Download the pdf here: Abstract_ICNIRS2017_OndalysArkema_NIR_DOP

* Discrimination Strategies For Polymer Identification For Continuous Processes with On-Line Near Infrared Spectroscopy

This paper proposes a general strategy of discrimination to identify the polymer produced during the transition phases of continuous manufacturing processes. The identification of the product then makes it possible to apply specific prediction models to the type of identified polymer.

Download the pdf here: Abstract_ICNIRS2017_OndalysArkema_NIR_Discrimination


ICNIRS 2017 dedicated to practical implementation in the industry: NIR Spectroscopy at Work In Industry.

The International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (ICNIRS) is held every 2 years. The NIR Conference 2013 was organized in Montpellier, and the 2015 session was in Brazil. The 18th ICNIRS 2017 conference is held in Copenhagen in Denmark and will focus on how to implement NIR in the real life: NIR Spectroscopy at Work In Industry.

Download the complete program of the International Conference on NIR Spectroscopy ICNIRS 2017 here


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