Making Sense of your Data
using Chemometrics and Machine learning for industrial measurements!

Ondalys assists you in modeling and interpreting your instrumental data,
wether spectra, hyperspectral images, process parameters or analytical chemistry,

in order to obtain all the relevant information for a better quality control of products and processes.

Welcome to the Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Industry 4.0 … 




NIR 2019 conference in Australia – September 2019

In September, Ondalys’ works will be presented to the NIR 2019 conference  in Australia.   Jean Guilment, from CERDATO Arkema, will present the last works [...]
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Analytics Solutions Conference, a Stat-Ease and Camo event – June 2019

From 18 to 20th of June, Ondalys will participate to the 2019 Analytics Solutions Conference organized in Minneapolis, USA   We are glad to be invited to this [...]
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Retour sur la Conférence Chimiometrie – January 2019 – Montpellier

The Chimiometrie 2019 Conference was hold from January 30th to February 1st in Montpellier, France.   Let’s have a look at this 20th edition in a few [...]
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Best Wishes 2019

Ondalys vous souhaite une bonne année 2019 !
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Julien GUILLORY, Upscience

This friday, Julien GUILLORY from Upscience Laboratories, specialized in food and petfood analysis, describes his experience of Ondalys’ trainings.   [...]
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Partner for years, Eric LATRILLE from the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology- LBE, Research Unit of the Center Occitanie-Montpellier of the National Institute [...]
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Pierre COSTET, Valrhona

This week, Pierre COSTET, Sensory Expertise and Cocoa Manager for Valrhona, gives his feedback on his long collaboration in chemometrics with Ondalys. He highlights [...]
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Sébastien GOURVENEC, Total

Spectroscopy modelling team leader during several years and now, Deputy R&D Program Director for Total group, Sébastien GOURVENEC shares his industrial [...]
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Milena VELEVA, Mars Petcare

Physical Measures Manager during several years at Mars Petcare,  Milena VELEVA  gives us her vision of Ondalys, interface between the Academic Research and the [...]
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Jean Claude BOULET, Researcher at the INRA institute

Jean Claude BOULET, researcher at the Joint research unit Sciences for Enology , a joint research unit of the INRA institute, Montpellier SupAgro high School and [...]
Read moreJean Claude BOULET, Researcher at the INRA institute

Eric SERRANO, Regional Manager, IFV Sud Ouest

Regional Manager for the IFV Sud Ouest Institute – French Wine and Vine Institute , Eric Serrano tells us about his collaboration with Ondalys to better [...]
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Fabrice DAVRIEUX, Researcher for CIRAD

Coming this week from the Reunion Island, the testimonial of Fabrice DAVRIEUX, Researcher for the CIRAD institute highlights Ondalys role as an interface between the [...]
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Régis Cinier , Bruker France

This week, Régis CINIER, in charge with the infrared spectroscopy for Bruker France, talks about the successful collaboration between Ondalys et Bruker France. [...]
Read moreRégis Cinier , Bruker France

Michel Ulmschneider – F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd

Michel ULMSCHNEIDER, from F. Hoffman La Roche is a Near InfraRed Spectroscopy & Chemometrics expert for the European Medicines Agency. He tells us about  his [...]
Read moreMichel Ulmschneider – F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd

Bernard Barthès IRD – testimony

Let’s go for the 3rd tesitmony of our serie  “15 years – 15 testimonials“. Today, Bernard Barthès , Research engineer at the IRD institute, [...]
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Testimony of Jean Michel Roger – Irstea

This week, Jean-Michel Roger, from Irstea Montpellier, who talks about his collaboration with Ondalys. “Ondalys brought us skills in terms of multi-block data [...]
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15 years- 15 testimonials

Who better than you to talk about us ? For its 15th anniversary, Ondalys realized 15 partner testimonials. Every Friday, a new testimonial! Connect you to Ondalys [...]
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International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC), August 2018, Chambersburg, PA, USA

Dr. Sylvie Roussel from Ondalys will attend the International Diffuse Reflectance Conference, IDRC 2018, in Chambersburg, PA, USA In collaboration with Ms. Perrine [...]
Read moreInternational Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC), August 2018, Chambersburg, PA, USA

Ondalys becomes MathWorks Partner – June, 2018

We are proud to announce our new partnership with MathWorks®, developer of MATLAB® software.   Using the MATLAB® environment  for our consulting services and [...]
Read moreOndalys becomes MathWorks Partner – June, 2018

CAMO Partner Conference – 18&19 June 2018 – Hamburg, Allemagne

Ondalys is invited to the CAMO Partner Conference in Hamburg, on the 18&19 – June- 2018.     At this occasion, Sylvie ROUSSEL will present the results [...]
Read moreCAMO Partner Conference – 18&19 June 2018 – Hamburg, Allemagne

Vibrational Spectroscopy Conference (GFSV) – May 2018 – Le Ventron, France

 Ondalys participates to the 24th spectroscopic conference of the French Group of Vibrational Spectroscopy (GFSV) This conference, which addresses the theme of [...]
Read moreVibrational Spectroscopy Conference (GFSV) – May 2018 – Le Ventron, France

Discussion Panel – Micro-Spectrometers for Consumer Applications – NZ NIR 2018 Conference

Discussion Panel on the impact of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR micro-spectrometers) on future consumer habits   At the Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) [...]
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NIR Conference in New Zealand – April 2018

Dr. Sylvie Roussel of Ondalys is an invited speaker at the NIR Conference of New Zealand-Australia 2018 (ANISG-NZNIRSS) Dr. Sylvie Roussel is invited to present [...]
Read moreNIR Conference in New Zealand – April 2018

1st scientific meetings of the SPIRAL network – October 2017

Ondalys will participate to the first meetings SPIRAL , scientific network in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (SPIR) in the Indian Ocean, on 17 October 2017. SPIRAL is [...]
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Ondalys provides you with a tailored training program in data analysis taking into account :

Your current knowledge and the topics you wish to work on;

The type of data you need to process;

The chemometrics software;

The application field.


More than 15 years of experience in data analysis (chemometrics), particularly applied to spectroscopy, sensory data and analytical chemistry.

345To of processed data
3330Training hours
100% of satisfied customers
15years of experience



They have been trusting us for 15 years and they say it…

Metrohm involved Ondalys in many of their advanced trainings on chemometrics. As everyone knows this is not a topic of high entertainment value but here Sylvie Roussel and her team made a big difference! The interactive exchange during the training, the stories told to draw the picture behind the data and the down to earth work sessions helped everyone to get a much better understanding of the topic. In particular we are very happy that our cooperation help a lot to achieve the goals of the trainings. All participants confirmed the positive impact and like to see more in future.
Elena HAGEMANN - Volker FROSTMetrohm Spectroscopy Group
Thomas Giordanengo
Ondalys supported us during our innovative project for the development an optical sensor for wood material qualification during its transformation in Radoux factory. Methodology, technical skills, creativity – all of which have enabled us to progress efficiently, and to develop robust tools for our applications: the OakScan®.
Thomas GiordanengoR & D Engineer Tonnellerie Radoux
Ondalys enables our Bruker customers to deepen their understanding of their processes and optimize their quality expectations. Ondalys does not hesitate to share its knowledge and skills in the analysis of spectral data. So it is always with pleasure and serenity that I recommend the friendly team Ondalys to Bruker customers.
REGIS CINIERFTNIR product and Process Manager
As a Technical Institute, we regularly call on Ondalys to enable us to anticipate and manage the implementation of experimental meta-projects. Specializing in data acquisition, it is essential for us to optimize the data processing to better understand the complex phenomena we study. The expertise of specialists like Ondalys is all the more essential.
Eric SERRANOSouth-West Regional Director - The French Institute for Vine and Win
Gael Rolland
How pleasant it is to be able to face complexity in good humor and with the sense of measure! It is this pleasure that I personally always had in contact with Ondalys team during our collaborations.
Gael RollandProcess Owners Network Manager NIR BÜCHI Labortechnik AG



Provide us with your data, we will make the most of them…

in total confidentiality, in pure efficiency, with no hassle


Why choosing us?

The Unique French company dedicated to chemometrics
Founded 15 years ago.
Excellence and innovation in chemometrics
Montpellier is the largest cluster in France for experts in chemometrics and spectroscopy (CheMOOCs, HélioSPIR)
Skills on instrumental, spectroscopic, analytical and sensory data
67 % of our consulting services are based on vibrational spectroscopy data
Expertise on industrial application
87% of our customers are large industrial groups
Consulting services with numerous competitors in the pharma, chemical and food sectors
Customer is our priority Sens du service client
99.99% of our customers are satisfied of our services, auditing, coaching and training
90% of our customers are called back within 24 hours
Chemometrics, mathematics, statistics, analytical chemistry, instrumentation, sensory, programming, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, petrochemicals, cosmetics, military
Independent third-party vs chemometrics software packages and equipment manufacturers
reference trainers in France for the main multivariate data analysis software packages and cooperation with the major part of spectroscopic manufacturers

Research and Development


Our forte: to transfer innovation from research to industry
Ondalys is an innovative company recognized for its excellence
by the French state, BPI France and INPI.