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About us

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Sylvie Roussel, Ondalys is a spin-off the transfer of technology and know-how from two public research centers, the French, Irstea / INRAe (UMR ITAP – Information and Technology for Agro-Processes, Montpellier, France) and the American, Iowa State University (Grain Quality Laboratory, Ames, Iowa, USA).

For over 15 years, Ondalys has been providing training and services in multivariate data analysis – Chemometrics – and Machine Learning, for the processing of instrumental data, such as spectral or analytical data, process parameters or IoT.

Ondalys is the leader in Chemometrics in France.  Ondalys also distributes software for data analysis and process supervision in the framework of partnerships with the leaders in software publishing in these fields, namely CAMO (Norway), Eigen Vector Research Inc (USA), Salford System a Minitab Company® (USA), Applied Materials (USA).

Ondalys team is composed with experts in data analysis and optical sensors, with multidisciplinary skills in various sectors such such as pharmaceutical, biotechnologies, petrochemicals, food, etc. In addition to a course in institutional research (R&D department made up of Engineers-PhDs), the team enriched industrial experience across multiple services, research & development and training.

In addition to its institutional research experience  (R&D department made up of PhDs), Ondalys team has enriched its industrial experience through multiple services, research & development and training.

We are proud of our values in the daily work by your side:

  • Expertise. A team of engineers and doctors, accumulating 99 years of experience in data analysis …
  • Innovation. Permanent collaboration with researchers and R&D centers …
  • Pragmatism. A series of industrial implementations of advanced data analysis calibrations…
  • Transmission. A desire to transfer our know-how through our training, coaching and service …
  • Conviviality. An enthusiastic team at your service …


Our expertise for data analysis

With over 15 years of experience in data analysis – Chemometrics and Machine Learning -, in particular applied to spectroscopic, analytical and process measurements, our teams support you at each stage of your projects

Need a specific training in Machine Learning?

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