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« Ondalys, a bridge between academic research and industry »

Milena VELEVA, Mars Petcare

« Ondalys offers new perspectives in data analysis. »

Régis CINIER, Bruker

« Ondalys, skilled in teaching how to analyze spectroscopic data! »


  • Thomas Giordanengo

    Ondalys supported us during our innovative project for the development of an optical sensor for wood material qualification during its transformation in Radoux factory. Methodology, technical skills, creativity - all of which have enabled us to progress efficiently, and to develop robust tools for our applications: the OakScan®.

    Thomas Giordanengo
    R&D Engineer - Tonnellerie Radoux
  • Régis CINIER
    Ondalys enables our Bruker customers to deepen their understanding of their processes and optimize their quality expectations. Ondalys does not hesitate to share its knowledge and skills in the analysis of spectral data. So it is always with pleasure and serenity that I recommend the friendly team Ondalys to Bruker customers.
    Régis CINIER
    FTNIR product and Process Manager, Bruker France
  • Julien GUILLORY
    Our team mainly uses software integrated in the NIR spectrometers and we needed a broader vision to go further in our model developments. The contact was really easy and interactive. Ondalys was able to respond to our requests, adapt the training session to our needs, our data sets and our issues. Expertise, professionalism and good humor make a good recipe at Ondalys!
    Julien GUILLORY
    NIR services manager - Upscience
  • Elena HAGEMANN - Volker FROST
    Metrohm involved Ondalys in many of their advanced trainings on chemometrics. As everyone knows this is not a topic of high entertainment value but here Sylvie Roussel and her team made a big difference! The interactive exchange during the training, the stories told to draw the picture behind the data and the down to earth work sessions helped everyone to get a much better understanding of the topic. In particular we are very happy that our cooperation help a lot to achieve the goals of the trainings. All participants confirmed the positive impact and like to see more in future.
    Elena HAGEMANN - Volker FROST
    Metrohm Spectroscopy Group
  • Eric SERRANO
    As a Technical Institute, we regularly call on Ondalys to enable us to anticipate and manage the implementation of experimental meta-projects. Specializing in data acquisition, it is essential for us to optimize the data processing to better understand the complex phenomena we study. The expertise of specialists like Ondalys is all the more essential.
    Eric SERRANO
    South-West Regional Director - The French Institute for Vine and Wine
  • Gaël ROLLAND
    How pleasant it is to be able to face complexity in good humor and with the sense of measure! It is this pleasure that I personally always had in contact with Ondalys team during our collaborations.
    Gaël ROLLAND
    Area Business Manager EMEA - BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
  • Milena VELEVA
    We have, several times, worked with Ondalys. For us, Ondalys is a bridge between academic research and industry. And a bridge of good quality I would say, because we are fully confident. We know that if the methods that are studied in the academia can have outcomes in the industry, then, Ondalys will know them. Ondalys helps us to save time. When we provide them with a subject, they answer quickly with the right skills and awareness, providing the suitable answer to our question.
    Milena VELEVA
    Royal Canin - Mars Petcare

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