Get personalized support to discover and implement Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

We propose you an customised coaching to discover, understand and use Artificial Neural Networks – ANN. We support you to develop your ANN models on your own data to address your issues.

During this coaching, you will learn the basis of artificial neural networks will be supported to implement ANN techniques. A specific focus will be made on the practical use of  methods and the results interpretation.

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First, an introduction to artificial neural networks will be made. The various architectures of neural networks will be presented. A focus will be made on  the MLP – MultiLayer Perceptron.

Finally, you will be helped to develop artificial neural networks methods, for prediction and classification, on your own data.

Formation Réseaux Neurones Artificiels

Our coaches / trainers

Alice Croguennoc

Data scientist and coach / trainer

Alice Croguennoc is a Chemometrician Engineer. She has strong experience in data analysis, especially spectral data, from her previous experiences. …

Dr. Sylvie Roussel

CEO of Ondalys and trainer

Doctor in Chemometrics and Agricultural Engineer, Sylvie Roussel created and manages Ondalys since 2003. She has worked on many applications of multivariate…

Our expertise for the analysis of your data

With over 15 years of experience in data analysis applied to spectroscopic, analytical and sensory data, the experts in our teams support you at every stage of your projects.

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