Our coaching in data analysis provides you with a customised support for processing your spectroscopic and analytical data.

In order to help you improve your data processing, we propose to support you with our sessions of individual and personalized coaching in chemometrics and machine learning.

To go further than simple training, the coaching in data analysis allows you to gain skills on your own data!

Our team of coaches will be there to help you understand your data, define your goals, test different methods and apply the most appropriate data processing technique.

This coaching is is fully personalized. The frequency and timing will be jointly decided with your coach at the beginning of the support, depending on your issues, your needs and your availability.

Our expertise for your data analysis

With more than 15 years of experience in data analysis (Chemometrics and Machine Learning), in particular applied to measurements from spectrometers, the experts of our teams support you at each stage of your projects.

You need a data analysis software!

Partner of the main publishers of chemometrics and machine learning software,  we can bring you our expertise to choose the data analysis software that best suits  your needs.

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