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Sandra Aubert

Sandra Aubert

Data scientist and in charge of the training department

+33(0)4 67 67 97 82

Sandra Aubert is a Chemometrician Engineer. Her experience of several years working for one of the major spectrometer manufacturers gives her high expertise in terms of data analysis, especially spectroscopic data. She joined Ondalys a few years ago as a Data Analyst. She is also in charge of Ondalys’ training department.
Sandra Aubert will be one of your trainer, especially but not only on the following sessions: multivariate data analysis, spectroscopic data analysis or hyperspectral image analysis …
Alice Croguennoc.

Alice Croguennoc

Data scientist and trainer

Alice Croguennoc is a Chemometrician Engineer. She has strong experience in data analysis, especially spectral data, from her previous experiences. Since she arrived at Ondalys a few years ago, she has divided her time between her functions as Data Analyst and Trainer. Alice Croguennoc will be your trainer, especially for the training sessions on Design of Experiments.

Astrid Maléchaux

Data scientist and trainer

Astrid Maléchaux is a Doctor in Chemometrics and Engineer in food. She has a strong experience in data analytics, especially in spectroscopic data, using various software. She has worked on many applications for multivariate calibration, exploratory analysis, authentication and multi-block data analysis.

Astrid Maléchaux will be your trainer or coach for multivariate data analysis, especially on Python.

Sebastien PREYS

Dr. Sebastien Preys

Project manager and trainer

Sébastien Preys is a Doctor in Chemometrics and Engineer in the food industry. He has been project manager at Ondalys for more than 10 years. He has worked on many applications for multivariate calibration, identification of quality levers, cross-checking of instrumental and sensory data, authentication applications, in metabolomics, multi-block data analysis, design of experiments and process supervision.
Ondalys trainer, Sébastien Preys will provide, among other things, training sessions on Sensory Data Analysis, Process Supervision, etc.

Dr. Sylvie Roussel

CEO of Ondalys

Doctor in Chemometrics and Agricultural Engineer, Sylvie Roussel created and manages Ondalys since 2003. She has worked on many applications of multivariate calibration, exploratory analysis, multi-sensor fusion on spectroscopic or analytical data. Recognized by her peers and with more than 20 years of experience in the field of data processing and data mining, she provides some of Ondalys’ training, in particular sessions on non-linear methods such as Support Vector Machines – SVM, Neural Networks, Decision Trees…

They talk about us

« Ondalys, skilled in teaching how to analyze spectroscopic data! »

Bernard BARTHES, Researcher, IRD Institute, Montpellier, France

  • Julien GUILLORY
    Our team mainly uses software integrated in the NIR spectrometers and we needed a broader vision to go further in our model developments. The contact was really easy and interactive. Ondalys was able to respond to our requests, adapt the training session to our needs, our data sets and our issues. Expertise, professionalism and good humor make a good recipe at Ondalys!
    Julien GUILLORY
    NIR Manager - Upscience

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