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Multiblock data analysis methods

This personalized coaching aims to initiate and train you in data analysis methods called Multiblocks.

Multiblocks data analysis consists of advanced Chemometrics methods making possible to process data blocks or multivariate data tables. We assist you to make you autonomous in using multiblock techniques on your own data.

During this individual coaching, you will learn the basic principles of Multiblocks and be supported to enforce these methods. A focus will be made on the result interpretation.

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First, you will be given an introduction to Multiblock data analysis methods. Then, the coaching will focus on the data handling, especially on the data structure, the dimension  reduction  or even the data fusion, as well as the modeling strategy to choose according to the data.

Finally, we will support you to implement the exploratory multiblock analysis and the quantitative multiblock analysis. This data processing will be carried out on your own data and adapted according to your specific issues and objectives.

Formation à l'analyse de données multi-blocs

Our coaches / trainers

Sandra Aubert

Data scientist and in charge of the training department

Sandra Aubert is a Chemometrician Engineer. Her experience of several years working for one of the major spectrometer manufacturers gives her …

Dr. Sébastien Preys

Project manager and trainer

Sebastien Preys is a Doctor in Chemometrics and Engineer in the food industry. He has been project manager at Ondalys for more than 10 years. He has worked on many applications …

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« Ondalys brought us skills in terms of multi-block data processing »

Jean-Michel Roger, Researcher at Irstea -INRAe institue

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