Learn about Chemometrics methods

applied to Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

In-house sessions

SIMCA® or PLS_Toolbox®

3 days

Researchers, scientists and engineers


This training session in multivariate data analysis, applied to PAT (Process Analytical Technology), is intended for people wishing to:

  • Learn the basics of multivariate data analysis, also called Chemometrics, as part of the PAT initiative
  • Set up data analytics tools for PAT processes
  • Know the performances and limits of the sensors used for rapid control of products and processes


During the training, the method principles are introduced by a geometric approach. Emphasis is placed on the practical use of the method and the interpretation of the results.

Application exercises are proposed for each method. The training can be held on different chemometrics software: SIMCA® (Umetrics Sartorius), PLS_Toolbox® (Eigenvector Research Inc.) …

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Day 1:  PAT and exploratory analysis

  • PAT – Process Analytical Technology
    • Principles
    • Examples of applications
    • Sensors


  • Exploratory analysis
    • Theoretical principle of PCA (Principal Component Analysis)
    • Interpretation
    • Detection of outliers
      • Application on data set and software


Day 2: Quantification

  • Theoretical principle of multivariate regression (PLS)
  • Model validation methods
  • Detection of outliers
  • Optimization
  • Prediction
    • Application on data set and software


Day 3: Identification

  • Principle of identification
  • PLS-DA (PLS – Discriminant Analysis)
  • SIMCA (Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogies)
    • Application on data set and software
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Our trainer team

Dr. Sébastien Preys

Project manager and trainer

Sebastien Preys a is Doctor in Chemometrics and Engineer in the food industry. He has been project manager at Ondalys for more than 10 years. He has worked on many applications…

Sandra Aubert

Data analyst and in charge of the training department

Sandra Aubert is a Chemometrician Engineer. Her experience of several years working for one of the major spectrometer manufacturers gives her …

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