Software implementation

Experts in data analysis and Chemometrics and Machine Learning software, the Ondalys team develops your calibrations using a large range of software (Unscrambler®, SOLO® or PLS_Toolbox® in MATLAB® environment, SIMCA ®, …),  including those provided by the spectroscopy manufacturers (OPUS, WinISI, NIRCAL, TQ Analyst, …) and free sotware (R, Python…).

Software for Chemometrics and Machine Learning

PLS_Toolbox® / SOLO®

Analyse de données avec le logiciel PLS_Toolbox

PLS_Toolbox® software, edited by Eigenvector Research Inc, is a Toolbox usable in the MATLAB® environment. It is a complete solution with advanced multivariate analysis tools essential for chemical engineers, analytical chemists and other scientists to fully process their data and build predictive models.

The advantage of using PLS Toolbox in MATLAB® environment is the access to a better control and manipulation of the data but still keeping the user-friendly access to a graphical interface well-conceived.

SOLO® contains almost all the functionalities available in PLS_Toolbox®, but is a standalone, completely independent of MATLAB® software.


Analyse de données avec SIMCA

For more than 30 years, SIMCA® software, edited by Umetrics – Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB, has helped engineers, analysts and scientists to process their data. SIMCA® transforms data into visual information for easy interpretation, whatever the kind of data:  large amounts of data, data from batches, time series or any other types of data…

SIMCA® makes it possible to analyze variations in a process, identify critical parameters and predict the final quality of a product.

MIA_Toolbox® / SOLO+MIA®


The MIA_Toolbox ® (Multivariate Image Analysis) software from Eigenvector Research Inc complements the functionalities of the PLS_Toolbox® and the Solo® standalone software with many features specific to image processing. It relies on the PLS_Toolbox interfaces to make the analysis of multivariate images simple and intuitive.

Ondalys is the reseller of Eigenvector Resaerch Inc.

Aspen Unscrambler®


Aspen Unscrambler® software from Aspentech has been a reference in multivariate data analysis for many years. It is one of the favorite tools of data analysts, because it is easy to use and offers advanced data visualization tools.

Unscrambler® has been optimized in an industrial approach for modeling, prediction and optimization using powerful analysis and interactive visualizations.

The new Unscrambler® 11 version now gives easy access to all advanced Machine Learning methods thanks to the integration of Python scripting.

Unscrambler® covers all stages from conception to production, including design of experiments thanks to the integration of Design-Expert® , a StatEase software.

SPM® –  Salford Predictive Modeler

Machine learning avec le logiciel SPM

SPM®software from Salford Systems – a Minitab® company makes it possible to develop predictive, descriptive and analytic models from complex and big databases.

SPM® implements Data Mining and Machine Learning methods such as CART® (Classification and Regression Trees) and Random Forests® but also MARS® (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines) and TreeNet® (Boosting).


Analyse de données avec le logiciel XLStat

XLSTAT® software from Addinsoft, includes tools for data processing and visualization, statistical testing (parametric or non-parametric tests), modeling methods (classical and generalized linear models, mixed models, non-linear models,…), Data Mining functionalities (Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Correspondence analysis (MCA, FCA),…) and classification methods (hierarchical ascendant classification (HAC), k-means,…).

Software for process supervision

Unscrambler Process Pulse® II

Process Pulse

Unscrambler Process Pulse® II from Camo Analytics have been developed to provide a user-friendly solution for process monitoring and advanced process control. It allows to use powerful multivariate models developed with Unscrambler® to follow processes at-line, on-line or in-line, in real time.

It has been conceived to supervise processes from small to intermediate sizes. Process Pulse® II can be extended and connected to process automation tools, to become an efficient process control system based on multiple sources of data.


Supervision de procédés avec SIMCA online

SIMCA®-online from Umetrics Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB, is a real time prediction system which provides to users and production teams a complete interactive and visual supervision tools set to ensure the good progress of operations for batch or continuous processes.

SIMCA®-online allows to condense crucial information from complex operations in intuitive control tables in only one dashboard, thus helping operators to watch over executions and rapidly identify deviations. SIMCA-online® also recommends process parameters adjustments that can be implemented manually or automatically.


logiciel SynTQ

SynTQ from Optimal Industrial Automation is a software package which allows to handle PAT – Process Analytical Technology- knowledge in real time, in an efficient and user-friendly way.

SynTQ offers the possibility to enforce efficiently PAT, giving an universal integration of hardware and software systems via a powerful recording and handling of data in real time, from development laboratory to production at a big scale.

Applied Smartfactory® Rx

MAchien learning sous le logiciel d'Applied Materials

SmartFactory Rx Analytics & Control from Applied Materials is a high performing solution able to generate and share reports in real time, which helps industrials to identify and enforce processes improvement without programming complex applications.

SmartFactory Rx Analytics & Control increases yield, prevents deviations and ensures quality. It allows to generate a better return on investment (ROI) and a better rentability in increasing production while reducing costs and cycle times.

Software of NIR Spectroscopy manufacturers


Triatement de données sous Opus de Bruker

Based on several decades of experiment and motivated by the innovation spirit of a leader in instrumental field, OPUS package from Bruker Optics combines a complete range of functionalities combining easy of use and scalability. For routine analyses, intuitive user interface as the control quality assistant, guide the users, even unexperienced, step by step for measurement to evaluation processes.


Analyse de données sous WInISI de Foss

WinISI, software from equipment manufacturer FOSS, is the chemometrics package from Infrasoft International (ISI).

WinISI includes especially the direct import of spectra and control files from ISIscan, calibration algorithms PLS and MLR, a patented local calibration method (LOCAL), tools for optimizing and evaluating, as well as diverse methods of standardization for instrument transfer, including CLONE another patented method.


Analsye de données sous NIRCal de Buchi

NIRCal from equipment manufacturer Büchi is a powerful chemometrics software allowing to develop robust calibration ensuring fast and reliable NIR predictions.

It offers the possibility to integrate existing near infrared databases coming from any NIR spectrometer.

TQ Analyst

Analyse de données sous le logiciel propriétaire de ThermoFisher

TQ Analyst Pro from ThermoFisher Scientific is a chemometrics software very flexible and extremely easy to use.

Conceived for anyone having near infrared spectra, TQ Analyst Pro software is a development platform of complex systems performant and flexible to develop robust methods. It offers a complete tool set for spectral measurements, classification and quantitative analysis.



SensoLogic is a modular chemometrics software solution, for quantitative and qualitative analysis of data. This software allows to take care of a complete process, from acquisition and handling of data to model development and to routine operations.

SensoLogic products offers a user interface for spectra acquisition with different kind of spectroscopic instruments and for developing data analysis models.


logiciel GRAMS

Software package GRAMS ™ from Thermo Scientific ™ is a solution to visualize, process and handle spectroscopic data.

GRAMS ™ is a software compatible to a large range of spectra from different commercial near infrared spectrometers. It possesses a simple user interface which facilitates access to data.

Software for Design of Experiments


Design-Expert® software developed by Stat-Ease, offers the last techniques of design of experiments (DoE).

With Design-Expert®, it is easy to identify essential factors that have an impact on products and processes. It allows to reduce the number of experiments, and thus the time and the cost of product development, while ensuring process optimization.

It offers also advanced multivariate data analysis tools, elaborated optimization functions and sophisticated visualization tools (2D, 3D, rotations).

This software allows both to generate design of experiments and to analyze them.

StatEase 360


Stat-Ease360®, developed by our partner Stat-Ease, augments Design-Expert® software with expanded features for advanced users : 

– Python scripting to build designs of experiments – DoE. Python scripting tools allow data analysts to easily write automated scripts and custom code, combine the power of this high-level programming tool with Design-Expert®.

– Space-filling designs – dedicated to experiments on computer simulations, inlcuding :

  • Latin Hypercubeto provide one run at each level of evry factor
  • Optimal model-based


– Gaussian process models for deterministic data

– Logistic regression tools introduced in Design-Expert 13 with a classification node that includes ROC curve plots and other graphical evaluations for binary results.


Plans d'expérience sous le logiciel MODDE

Whatever the activity area – petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, perfumes, plastics… – MODDE® software from Umetrics Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a tool to elaborate design of experiments (DoE).

MODDE® offers two software solutions: MODDE Go for beginners in design of experiments field and MODDE Pro for more experimented users. This user-friendly software, handles all difficulties linked to DoE, it is hence not necessary to be a statistical expert to take the best part of a small number of experiments.

Programming software and language


Mathworks Partner

MATLAB® is a software developed by MathWorks which offers a lot of optional predefined toolboxes for various applications.

It allows to manipulate matrices, plot curves and data, to create handmade algorithms, and user interfaces.



Excel is a spreadsheet that allows mathematical and statistical calculations. Using Excel Macros, you can apply models developed on other software, as well as user interfaces.

It therefore allows our customers to use our models, developed using chemometrics or machine learning methods, in a known and easy-to-use environment.


Analyse de données sous langage C

C language is one of the most used programming algorithms. C offers to the programmer a large margin of control over the machine (especially on memory handling) and is thus used to create “fundations” (compilers, interpreters…) for more modern languages.

Free software


Analyse de données sous langage R

R is a programming language and a free software with open source code for statistic calculation and graphical tools.

R offers a large variety of statistical techniques (linear and non-linear modeling, statistical testing, time series data, classification,…) and graphical techniques, and is very extensible. It is also a powerful and evolutive tool, specially adapted to IT implementation of statistical methods. However, it is more difficult to access than most of the commercial software, because it is not conceived to be used with click buttons, but with programming line codes and use of packages already implemented

Analyse de données sous Python

Python is a programming language aiming to work more rapidly and to integrate systems more efficiently. It has been conceived to be a readable language. It aims at being visually clean.

Python is developped under an open source license, that makes it freely usable and sharable even for commercial uses.

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