For precise, robust and transferable spectral calibrations

The development of spectroscopic calibrations

Industrials, technical centers, equipment manufacturers, you use near infrared (NIR), mid infrared (FTIR, MIR), Raman, Ultraviolet (UV), LIBS, Fluorescence, etc. to control the quality of your products and processes. These optical measurements being so-called secondary data, it is necessary to correlate them with reference analyzes by developing prediction models, called spectroscopic calibrations.

Composed of multidisciplinary experts in data analysis and spectroscopy, Ondalys team assists you in the development of these spectral calibrations and the optimization of their robustness.

You wish to :

Anlayser les données


precise and robust models for your spectrometers

Maintenance des calibrations spectroscopiques


your existing spectroscopic calibration

transfert de calibrations spectroscopiques


these calibrations from one spectrometer to another

spectra - spectres

Thanks to our knowledge in Chemometrics and Machine Learning as well as vibrational spectroscopy and its implementation in laboratory or embedded on pilots or industrial process lines, we assist you in the different stages of development and maintenance of spectroscopic calibration models:

développement de calibrations spectro
  • Spectroscopic preprocessing and selection of variables


  • Multivariate calibration (PLS, SVMR, ANN, local regression,…)



  • Validation and Robustness of models


  • Transfer of calibrations (standardization, orthogonalisation,…)


  • Model update

Software implementation

We develop your calibrations with all the Chemometrics software on the market (Unscrambler®, SOLO® or PLS_Toolbox® in the MATLAB® environment, SIMCA®, etc.), as well as those provided by spectroscopy equipment manufacturers (OPUS, WinISI, NIRCal, TQ Analyst, etc…), but also free software (R, Python…).

Our expertise for the analysis of your spectral data

With more than 15 years of experience in data analysis (Chemometrics and Machine Learning), in particular applied to measurements from spectrometers, the experts of our teams support you at each stage of your projects.

They talk about us

« Ondalys offers new perspectives in data analysis. »

Régis CINIER, NIR and Process Manager, Bruker France

  • Gaël ROLLAND
    How pleasant it is to be able to face complexity in good humor and with the sense of measure! It is this pleasure that I personally always had in contact with Ondalys team during our collaborations.
    Gaël ROLLAND
    Area Business Manager EMEA - BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

Examples of practical applications

Scientific oral
Chimiometrie 2019 conference
Industrial user case
Inline NIR spectroscopic model for polymer process monitoring

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