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SOLO / PLS_Toolbox®

1 day

Researchers, scientists and engineers


This training session on SVM method is intended for people wishing to:

  • Learn the basics of Support Vector Machines method
  • Be quickly autonomous in data processing
  • Be autonomous to use the data analysis software studied


During the training, the method principles are introduced by a geometric approach. Emphasis is placed on the practical use of the method and the interpretation of the results.

Application exercises are proposed for each method. The training can be held on various Chemometrics software: SOLO or PLS_Toolbox® (Eigenvector Research Inc.)

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The Support Vector Machines – SVM


General introduction to non-linear issues

  • Definition
  • Dealing with non-linearities
  • Method review


Support Vector Machines (SVM)

  •  Discrimination
  • Regression
    • Application on data set and software
Formation SVM - Support Vector Machines

Our trainer team

Alice Croguennoc

Data scientist and trainer

Alice Croguennoc is a Chemometrician Engineer. She has strong experience in data analysis, especially spectral data, from her previous experiences. …

Dr. Sylvie Roussel

CEO of Ondalys and trainer

Doctor in Chemometrics and Agricultural Engineer, Sylvie Roussel created and manages Ondalys since 2003. She has worked on many applications of multivariate…

They talk about us

« The folks at Ondalys are pretty chemometricaly on the ball »

Barry WISE, President of Eigenvector Research Inc

  • Elena HAGEMANN - Volker FROST
    Metrohm involved Ondalys in many of their advanced trainings on chemometrics. As everyone knows this is not a topic of high entertainment value but here Sylvie Roussel and her team made a big difference! The interactive exchange during the training, the stories told to draw the picture behind the data and the down to earth work sessions helped everyone to get a much better understanding of the topic. In particular we are very happy that our cooperation help a lot to achieve the goals of the trainings. All participants confirmed the positive impact and like to see more in future.
    Elena HAGEMANN - Volker FROST
    Metrohm Spectroscopy Group

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With over 15 years of experience in data analysis applied to spectroscopic, analytical and sensory data, the experts in our teams support you at every stage of your projects.

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