Analytics Solutions Conference, a Stat-Ease and Camo event – June 2019

From 18 to 20th of June, Ondalys participated to the 2019 Analytics Solutions Conference organized in Minneapolis, USA


We were glad to be invited to this “Analytics Solutions Conference“, organized by our 2 partners Stat-Ease and Camo Analytics. This was the premier conference on the practical applications of industrial analytics.


Dr Sylvie Roussel talked about:


“Multivariate analysis: From chemometrics modeling to process monitoring”

Using chemometrics offers a faster and more precise assessment of composition, physical, and sensory properties of a product, and the adoption of chemometrics is finding ever widening applications across many different industries. Chemometrics use multivariate methods to extract information by data-driven means to develop models that can be deployed in a process environment for real-time prediction of end-product properties to ensure every product sent to market meet the required properties. Typical modelling approaches include the use of data mining, machine learning, spectroscopic calibrations, sensor fusion & multiblock analysis and Design of Experiment (DoE/QbD). Through customer projects the challenges and opportunities using different modelling approaches are discussed and it is shown how to successfully use sensors and chemometrics for process monitoring.


Download the presentation “From chemometrics modeling to process monitoring“.

From chemometrics to process implementation
From chemometrics to process implementation