NIR 2019 conference in Australia – September 2019

In September, Ondalys’ works were presented to the NIR 2019 conference  in Australia.


Jean Guilment, from CERDATO Arkema, presented the last works of Arkema and Ondalys on the spectroscopic data analysis at the NIR 2019 Conference:

Polymer identification and quantification during continuous on-line processes, by near infrared spectroscopy


This presentation highlighted Ondalys and Arkema ‘s works using various methods of Chemometrics and Machine Learning in order to identify and quantify polymers during continuous on-line processes, by near infrared spectroscopy.


The NIR 2019 conference, is organized every 2 years by the ICNIRS (International Council for NIR Spectroscopy) and is dedicated to the Near Infrared Spectroscopy. This year, it will be held on the australian Gold Coast australienne, in September 2019.


Look at the conference website here:NIR 2019 Conference.


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