NIR Conference in New Zealand – April 2018

Dr. Sylvie Roussel of Ondalys is an invited speaker at the NIR Conference of New Zealand-Australia 2018 (ANISG-NZNIRSS)

Dr. Sylvie Roussel is invited to present Ondalys latest work on near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) data analysis at the NIR Conference in New Zealand. These studies are focused on chemometrics methods for improving process supervision by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and model transfer from laboratory to at-line and inline measurements. This work has been applied to measurements carried out in the chemical industry, and in collaboration with Arkema.

* Improve inline NIR model robustness with Dynamic Orthogonal Projection method

This paper aims to improve the robustness of NIR spectroscopy models by applying an orthogonalization method – Dynamic Orthogonal Projection (DOP) -. This method allows the transfer of near-infrared models from the laboratory to the production line. Thus, they make inline control by near infrared sensor possible.

Download the pdf here: Abstract_Ondalys_SRoussel_DOP_ANISG_NZNIRSS_NIR2018


ANISG-NZNIRSS NIR conference 2018 is dedicated to near-infrared spectroscopy

The Australian – New Zealand Near Infrared Spectroscopy Conference is held annually. It takes place alternately in Australia and New Zealand and brings together the entire Near Infrared Spectroscopy community of the Southern Ocean; it is being held this year in Rotorua, New Zealand, in April 2018.

Visit the conference website here: ANISG NIR Conference 2018

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